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About Your Presenter
Hello! My name is Dr. Alice Fong and I am a naturopathic doctor and savvy entrepreneur! I’ve been a business owner in the health and wellness industry for over a decade. I had a successful practice in Southern Maryland that took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to build over the 3 and half years I was out there. But then when I decided to move across the country to California to be near my family, it meant I had to start my practice all over again for a 3RD TIME!! 

I was resigned and frustrated by how slow the process was to build my business. I did all the things I had done before...go to lots of networking events, make referral partnerships with other healthcare providers, host workshops, post on social media, waste money on facebook ads, and ALL of these efforts were producing barely any results. I was also attempting to build a virtual practice and none of these traditional methods seemed to be working. I'd get a patient here and there, who would see me for a couple of visits, and then it was crickets again. I was always hoping and waiting for someone to call or email me. My income would fluctuate greatly from month to month. This was NOT sustainable.

At this rate, I was definitely not making a liveable income, and certainly not enough to be making any dents in my massive student loans.  

I kept thinking to myself, there HAS to be a BETTER, MORE EFFICIENT WAY to build a business than the traditional methods. I started looking into other options, but I had been burned SO many times before and wasted SO much money on various programs and marketing tactics that did not generate any new patients for me that I was skeptical of EVERYTHING. I remember WAY back in my early business days I invested in ads on shopping carts...ABSOLUTELY ZERO RESULTS...except for an occasional friend saying they saw my face at the supermarket.  

Then one day, I stumbled across a training video by a business growth consulting firm. I decided to invest in their program to learn all the insider secrets to lead generation and the high ticket sales process. AND within 1 month I was selling $3k wellness programs, and 6 months later I bumped up the program to $5k!  And less than 1 year later, I brought on another doc to join my practice, scaling even faster!

Because I finally discovered a system that works and I know so many of my colleagues who are dealing with the same types of business struggles I used to have, I decided to launch a 2nd business helping other Naturopathic Doctors, Holistic Wellness Practitioners, and Coaches do the same thing!