Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level!
Accelerate Your Practice With High Ticket Wellness Programs 
Business Growth Program for Naturopathic Doctors, Holistic Providers & Coaches

Live Virtual Mastermind Coaching Sessions
Tuesdays at 4pm PST / 7pm EST

Course Content

Week 1

  • Reprogramming Your Mind For Success
  • Creating a Plan to Achieve Your Dreams
  • ​Getting Clear on Your Target Niche
  • ​​Positioning Yourself as an Expert Authority 

Week 2

  • ​Crafting a High Quality Message That Strikes Through All the Noise 
  • ​Setting Up Your High Ticket Wellness Program
  • ​Generating Quality Leads 
  • ​​Automating Your Marketing & Prospecting Processes So You Can Scale With High Outreach Numbers

Week 3

  • ​Understanding the High Ticket Sales Process of Converting Prospects Into Clients
  • ​Getting Over Being Awkward About Selling Yourself
  • ​Having Sales Calls That Are Authentic & Enjoyable and NOT High-Pressure or Painful

Week 4

  • ​Building the Value of Your Services or Programs So You Can Get PAID What You Are Worth!
  • ​Creating a Value Video that Calls Prospects Into Action
  • ​​Assembling Your Sales Funnel and Automated Email Follow-Up Sequence

Week 5

  • Navigating Through The Challenging Landscape of the Digital Marketing Online World
  • ​​Setting Up Email Drip Campaigns
  • ​Staying On Top of Mind

Week 6

  • ​Creating Your Own Online Wellness Course
  • Selling Your Online Course

Week 7

  • ​Scaling with Facebook and Google Ads with a Clear Proven Strategy
  • ​Creating Powerful Custom, Lookalike, & Retargeting Audiences
  • ​​Creating Your Ads
  • ​Launching & Managing Your Paid Ads

Week 8

  • ​Building Out a Team so You Can Spend More Time Working On the Business and Less Time In the Business

Bonus Trainings

  • ​How to Leverage LinkedIn to Generate Ideal Clients
  • ​How to Sell High Ticket Wellness Programs
  • ​How to Convert Prospects Into Clients with a Sales Funnel 

"Accelerate Your Practice With High Ticket Wellness Programs" 

Live Mastermind Coaching Sessions - Tuesdays from 4pm-6pm PST 

What's included: 
✔︎ Lifetime Access to the Exclusive Membership Training Portal (it will take most entrepreneurs anywhere from 3-12 months to complete the program depending on what aspects of the program you want to implement, the pace you go at, and the time you commit each week)
✔︎ 3 Bonus Webinars (the Intro Webinar Series)
✔︎ Mindset Training
✔︎ Weekly Live Mastermind Group Coaching
✔︎ Access to the Exclusive Slack Mastermind Group Support 
✔︎ Lifetime Access to the Wellness Programs Facebook Group
✔︎ One 30-Minute 1-on-1 Business Coaching Session with Dr. Alice Fong
✔︎ Templates/Cheatsheets
✔︎ Optional Add-On Automation System Upgrade*
✔︎ Optional Done-For-You Sales Funnel or Website Revamp Upgrade*
✔︎ Optional Add-On 1-on-1 Coaching Calls 1-4x/month Upgrade*

Because I think NDs, Holistic Providers, & Coaches have SOO much to offer and give so much value to their clients, but so many are struggling on the business side and cannot necessarily afford to drop $10k to join a comprehensive mastermind group that usually requires a year commitment...

...I wanted to offer a more cost-effective, flexible solution for your business growth that is still HUGELY valuable and game-changing for your practice.

So I do offer month-to-month subscription plan options. You have the option to cancel anytime (with at least 10 days' notice). So if you don't feel like you're getting value out of the program OR if you're not doing the work/ implementing all the steps I'll be guiding you in then you can drop out anytime, NO LONG TERM COMMITMENTS OR CONTRACTS!! It's the Netflix for business coaching masterminds!

I will be teaching you a TON of business hacks for your business in this program, but if you don't implement any of it, you won't get results. I ONLY want to work with people who are ready to level up and take the actions needed to create the practice of their dreams! SO I'm willing to offer this incredibly valuable program to THOSE who are hungry and driven to build a virtual practice with high ticket programs! 

I don't want this to be another program you buy and then never get around to doing or implementing...I want to work with those who are ready to be PROACTIVE about their business (like how our medicine is a PROACTIVE approach to health). Entrepreneurs who are ready to commit AT LEAST 2-8 hours every week WORKING ON THEIR BUSINESS, rather than IN THEIR BUSINESS, like a true CEO.

So if you ARE ready to level up your business AND your life, then Apply Below for your FREE 30-Minute Business Growth Strategy Session with me so we can create a plan of action on how we can help you achieve your dreams!